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Gasparilla Arrests - Updated

Gasparilla Arrest, Gasparilla, Gasparilla BUI
Gasparilla Arrest Report

Gasparilla Arrest Report

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's records there were few arrests at Gasparilla 2016. UPDATE: The final tally from the Tampa Police Department (TPD) was 24 misdemeanor arrests and 2 felony busts.  The Florida Game Commission made a BUI Boating Under the Influence arrest in Hillsborough Bay, there was some Disorderly Conduct, and a few Driving Under the Influence charges. Standby for official announcement from law enforcement source.

Channel 28 initially reported #Gasparilla Arrest Update: "Tampa Police . . . two felony arrests & 21 misdemeanor busts."


Tampa Police Department Reports Felony Arrests

1 aggravated battery/active warrant
1 battery on a law enforcement officer

2 Total Felony Arrests for Gasparilla 

Misdemeanor Charges Reported by the Tampa Police

4 possession of marijuana
3 adult underage drinking
3 boating under the influence
3 disorderly conduct
3 resist arrest without violence
2 trespass after warning
1 battery
1 open container/striking a police horse
1 open container
1 petit theft
1 possession of a synthetic drug
1 open container citation

24 Misdemeanor Arrests for Gasparilla
Gasparilla Arrest, Gasparilla, Gasparilla BUI
Gasparilla BUI Arrest Report

Gasparilla Arrest Video