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Tampa DUI Bars and Restaurants - Map of Hot Spots

Dine, Dance, and Detained: How to Avoid Tampa DUI Charges - Tips From an Expert 

Hyde Park DUI Lawyer Which Bars are Cops Watching?
Dine, Dance, and Detain
DUI attorneys in Tampa know there are certain locations generally and several bars, specifically that generate much of the DUI traffic stop action for law enforcement agencies. Police are tracking where drivers who have been arrested reported having their last drink. That led us to a study of where police are on most nights.

Which Bars are Cops Watching?

Unfortunately, for the bars on the lists published by the Tampa Tribune, these bar owners cannot control the police or the surveillance of their locations and their customers. Not surprisingly, in general, the neighborhoods close to the Tampa Police Department headquarters are hot spots for DUI arrests. Hyde Park and Ybor City are frequent entries on incident reports according to the media. Best advice - make sure to arrange a ride home.

"Aside from the decision to waive their Miranda rights, the only good that comes of honest answers to these questions will be finding out where drivers can go to increase the probability of an arrest ending the evening."

Video of a driving under the influence traffic law enforcement officer from court proceedings at the Hillsborough County Courthouse told drivers what many already knew - cops watch bar parking lots. Now drivers and visitors to the area can know statistically what geographic areas are targeted and which bars they may be watching.

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Tampa DUI AttorneyMap DUI Arrests
Map of DUI Arrest Locations in Tampa, Florida
"The last-drink survey system does have some flaws, Morgan admitted. Some of the people who are charged with DUI were drinking at a private residence or refuse to answer deputies' questions."

One of the DUI hot spots is the Town N' Country area located near Tampa International Airport. The basis for some of these traffic stops is improper lane changes. The roads near the airport are confusing and with so much construction, the signage is not always clear. Visitors are the frequent victim of DUI patrol officers in this section of Hillsborough County, Florida.

The Hyde Park neighborhood has several streets that are one-way only and drivers exiting the bars and restaurants in the community are stopped for going the wrong way on the many one-way streets.

5 Bars in Hillsborough County

"Bars on the lists published by the Tampa Tribune, these bar owners cannot control the police or the surveillance of their locations and their customers."

MacDinton's 405 South Howard Avenue, Tampa, FL 33606

The Kennedy 2408 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33609

Peabody's 15333 Amberly Drive, Tampa, FL 33647

G Bar/Fusion 1401 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605

Liquid 1502 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605


How to avoid a DUI in Tampa Florida

10 Tampa Bars in 2013

"Police officer candidly admits the obvious - cops sit on bar parking lots."

The most frequently reported last drink taken occurs at some of the places listed below. Cops ask people they have arrested:

Where they have been? 
How much they drank?  and 
Where they were going? 

Aside from the decision to waive their Miranda rights, the only good that comes of honest answers to these questions will be finding out where drivers can go to increase the probability of an arrest ending the evening.

Where to go to Increase the Odds of a DUI Arrest 

"Next time you visit some of the area's more popular bars, make sure you arrange a ride home if you plan on partaking in more than one or two alcoholic beverages.'

2- The Kennedy
3- Hyde Park Cafe
4- Seminole Hard Rock Casino 
5- Peabody's
6- The Lodge
7- Blue Martini
8- CDB Pizza
9- The Drynk
10- Gaspar's Grotto


How to avoid a DUI

Calling Captain Obvious 

D U I Officers Watch Bar Parking Lots.

"Tips to watch locations come from Phone Calls from Bar Managers, letters, pictures"

Court proceedings in many Florida courts can be videotaped. Below is the sworn testimony from a Tampa Police Department Sargeant who was well-versed in police tactics in Tampa Bay.  The police officer candidly admits the obvious - cops sit on bar parking lots. DUI Defense Attorneys have suspected this for years. The video tells us they watch parking lots, act on tips received by phone and other types of electronic messages. We have protected the identity of the officer and give him credit for testifying so candidly. Tips to watch locations come from Phone Calls from Bar Managers, letters, pictures he says, "I get all kinds of stuff."

Assume this is the practice everywhere - Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough counties in Florida. One DUI attorney has said "as there was a basis for the traffic stop and probable cause for the arrest, how or why an officer got involved in a DUI stop is irrelevant." Be warned.

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 DUI Traffic Stop and 

Field Sobriety Test Videos

D U I Lawyer Casey Ebsary 813-222-2220 is also in the process of publishing an entire video library in HTML 5 / iFrame format so all of our viewers can see the short films on their iPhones and iPads. Enjoy. 

The YouTube video channel is here: 

Channel on Vimeo here: 

Channel on Dailymotion here:

D U I Video Policy

"the video camera is activated when the emergency overhead lights come on and does not shut off until the traffic stop is completed"

We just obtained a copy of the Standard Operating Procedures Manual that is in effect for D U I prosecutions by Florida Highway Patrol Troopers. We have seen several cases in a row in one Florida county where they can't seem to find the video of our client's case. Many of the missing video cases have happened in Pasco County, but the Policy is in effect statewide and should also cover other D U I cases.

How to avoid a DUI - DUI Video Standard Operating Procedures
DUI Video Florida Policy Manual
Apparently, the video camera is activated when the emergency overhead lights come on and does not shut off until the traffic stop is completed. There are also detailed requirements and time periods for retention of videos. Read it for yourself at the link below.

Locations of DUI Arrests in Pinellas County, Florida 33778

This is a zip code in Pinellas County that has DUI arrests reported - 33778. Pinellas County Prosecutors at the main courthouse on 49th Street are noted for their persistence in prosecutions. They are known to list MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) as parties to be notified in their court filings. Fighting DUI charges in this county requires an attorney experienced in handling DUI cases. near the Pinellas County, Florida courthouses.

DUI Defense Attorney needed in Pinellas County, Florida 33701 or 33778?
Casey Ebsary is a Pinellas DUI Lawyer who can help with cases in Pinellas County 33778 or 33701. Casey is experienced in handling DUI cases near the Pinellas County, Florida courthouses.

News and Information About D U I Law Enforcement and Detailed Information on Local D U I Checkpoints 

According to sources, The Florida Highway Patrol charged drivers with DUI during a recent operation. Other drivers received citations or arrests. The checkpoint was located on U.S. Highway 19 at Mainlands Boulevard. The next night, DUI Wolfpack officers on operated on Interstate 275 between the Howard Frankland Bridge and 58th Avenue North and along Gandy Boulevard between the Gandy Bridge and 66th Street. Here are the results.

Two Nights in Pinellas County -

D U I Arrests by the Numbers

The Tally on Night One:

* Five felony arrests
* 3 DUI arrests
* 38 citations
* 17 misdemeanor arrests

The Tally on Night Two:

* 89 other citations
* 4 D U I arrests
* 2 D W L S R (driving while license suspended or revoked)arrests

The operation included officers from the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, the Florida Highway Patrol (F H P), and the St. Pete Beach, Largo, and Pinellas Park Police Departments.

Pinellas D U I Lawyer notes, "The Florida Highway Patrol’s Pinellas Park District [conducts] intensified D U I enforcement ... along U.S. 19 from Park Boulevard north to the Pasco County Line. Utilizing additional troopers they specifically target impaired drivers from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.. Pinellas D U I Lawyer and an Attorney notes an intensified effort on US Highway 19 in Pinellas County North to the Pasco County line."

If you, a friend, or a loved needs a DUI Defense Attorney Pinellas County, Florida, Casey Ebsary is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer who can help . Casey is experienced in handling Pinellas DUI cases near the Pinellas County, Florida courthouses. Casey also has a Pinellas DUI resource here.

More Information About Local DUI Law Enforcement 

Cops in Pinellas County 

Pinellas DUI Lawyer found that two Pinellas County deputies were suspended after making a false arrest report, according to an internal affairs investigation and the St Pete Times. The D U I cops conducted a traffic stop that resulted in a D U I charge and a window tint infraction. In court, the cop gave testimony that contradicted his arrest report. Further investigation revealed that the cop searched the vehicle without gaining consent, even though a report said he had consent. In the same traffic stop, another Deputy made a false report. The internal affairs investigation says that cop lied in his report about reading the suspect his Miranda rights.

Pinellas D U I Mobile Video Unit

Florida DUI Mobile Breath Test - How to avoid a DUI
Florida DUI Mobile Breath Test
Florida DUI Attorney has an exclusive photo of one of the tools used by a D U I Unit in Pinellas County. This St. Petersburg Police Department DUI vehicle was spotted at the County Courthouse. It is suspected that the unit is used in D U I wolfpack operations and at D U I checkpoints. The unit supports an intoxilyzer 8000 mobile tester and has powerful lights on the rear for making D U I videos during night time operations.

Cop Awarded and Another Cop Chastised

One police Officer has been with Largo police for six years. He pulled over another cop for a tag light violation and was chewed out by that cop and another cop with another agency. He was named the department's 2009 officer of the year for arresting nearly 150 impaired drivers during his work with the D U I unit that year. Both agencies are investigating the incident.

How to avoid a DUI


D U I Hot Spots in Nearby Florida Counties 

"locations are selected for saturation patrols which are also known as Wolf packs"

Pasco County Sheriff , Florida Highway Patrol, STEP, Selective Traffic Enforcement Patrol Unit, DUI Checkpoints, Sobriety checkpoints, Interstate 75
Interstate 75

According to the one local Sheriff with the County Sheriff's Office, they enforce DUI Laws, "[b]y using a data driven approach specific areas that have been identified as high crash locations are selected for saturation patrols which are also known as Wolf packs." Pinellas D U I cops aggressively patrol these areas to locate and arrest impaired drivers. Wolf Pack operations may be conducted at any time or place with or without prior warning. We thought we would run down a list of the most frequent locations where we find DUI cases in Pinellas County, Florida. Interstate 75, US Highway 19, and The Suncoast Parkway State Road 589.

The Pinellas County Sheriff and the Florida Highway Patrol are the primary enforcers. The Sheriff in one nearby county noted, "The Selective Traffic Enforcement Patrol Unit (S.T.E.P.) The S.T.E.P. Unit is part of the Traffic Enforcement Section of the Sheriff’s Office which also contains the Motor Unit. The S.T.E.P. Pinellas County uses deputies to actively enforce traffic laws in Pinellas County mainly during the nighttime hours which have a higher rate or alcohol and/or drug related crashes. The unit's goal is to reduce the collisions involving alcohol and narcotics. The unit's main function is the detection and apprehension of drivers who are suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. The cops in Pinellas County, Florida will frequently sign their names to DUI citations with a notation that they are "STEP" deputies (Selective Traffic Enforcement Patrol Unit).

Pinellas County D U I Checkpoint

"Local law enforcement agencies and the Florida Highway Patrol participate in regular DUI Checkpoints"

According to One Local Sheriff, Sheriff, "Sobriety checkpoints are an effective law enforcement tool involving the stopping of a specific sequence of vehicles, at a predetermined fixed location to detect impaired drivers. These operations not only serve as a specific deterrent by arresting impaired drivers who pass through the checkpoints, but more importantly, as a general deterrent to persons who have knowledge of the operation. Local law enforcement agencies and the Florida Highway Patrol participate in regular DUI Checkpoints." Unfortunately for some drivers, who may not have had lawyers, their convictions may be on their record to this day.

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Florida Drivers are Targets in Law Enforcement Contests - DUI Arrest Quotas, Contests, and Prizes

DUI Defense Attorney, Arrest Contest, DUI Arrest Contest
Worst DUI Award
A recent press release by a Florida DUI law enforcement agency noted a prize package worth $15,000 or the keys to a new car. These valuable items were on the line during a sponsored contest to see who was the best in the business in traffic law enforcement. Tampa DUI Attorney, Casey Ebsary has been studying these contests for years and this year's disturbing update shows a continued trend.

"placing third, which equals $10,000 in money for the agency to spend" 

Cops are rewarded for traffic stops. Notwithstanding their constant denials that they have quotas. We have generally referred to these as DUI arrest contests. Feel free to use the search window on our website to review this sordid history.  We will cite all authorities so our DUI Defense Attorney readership can use them at their next jury trial, the next time these folks deny statistically driven, money-motivated, prize-seeking arrest decisions, give them with a healthy dose of the truth.

Law Enforcement Contests

Police are proud of these contests in their media campaigns, but are quick to deny before juries and judges. A recently uncovered memo from a Florida West coast law enforcement agency touted the number of arrest contest events, the number of arrests, and the completion of a project using "data-driven" statistics. Source:

One Florida Cop Shop has been awarded "1st place honors in a 'DUI Challenge' and a ‘Law Enforcement Challenge.' ” The agency actually did a Press release, like a sports team announcing selection to the All Star game  or Home Run Derby that three cops had been given awards based upon the numbers of arrests each DUI cop had made. Source: Another cop shop "accepted the award at the DUI awards ceremony which was held in Orlando Florida."Source:  

More about that big DUI party in Orlando in a minute .

DUI Awards | Cash and Car

DUI Law enforcement agencies are proudly posting their "accomplishments" in these arrest contests. One agency "will be entered to draw the winning key that starts a brand-new vehicle, among other prizes." Source: The DUI cops proudly proclaim: "the agency will be awarded 10,000 "challenge points" for placing third, which equals $10,000 in money for the agency to spend on traffic safety related items (second place earns $12,000, and first place is $15,000). Source:

The State of Florida encourages law enforcement again this year by holding an Olympic-like contest in Orlando. A photo in the report had a cop on foot running behind a traffic patrol motorcycle. This contest kept statistics and awarded performance based on statistical analysis of annual numbers of traffic enforcement actions. They call it the Florida Law Enforcement Challenge. Prizes were awarded for "inventive approaches" to traffic law enforcement. One news source at a major Florida University described the contest as, "creating effective traffic programs that focus on increasing the safety of drivers in Florida. Tackling topics such as drunk driving and protect[ing] the drivers . . . .." The incentive was an award worth $15,000.00. Source: 

Florida DUI Arrest, Tampa DUI Attorney
Win a New Car
"draw the winning key that starts a brand-new vehicle"

We just studied a case where "inventive" approaches were used to justify traffic stops that resulted in a felony arrest. The Florida Supreme Court will not tolerate these inventions. Source:  . However, by the time a citizen has been arrested, a booking photograph has been posted by the arrest contestants, and their insurance has skyrocketed during years of litigation, what is the true cost?

Traffic and DUI Cop Party Near Disney World

A big shindig was held in the resort-capital of the world, Orlando, Florida. The hotel and restaurants are nice. You can get a discounted rate of $125.00 per night if you shop around. Our family just spent the better part of a week there (at our and not the taxpayers' expense). One sponsor is the Florida Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL) Program. Their office is located in an office park in  Florida's capital Tallahassee. That operation is funded by "the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). " Source: . They have even posted a contest rewards catalog online. Source: 

Sales people blog about incentives, as for profit corporations are on the bandwagon at a reception for cops at the Convention near Disney World. Source:  Meanwhile, collectively consider the agencies who participate in these profitable and rewarding misadventures as this year's the nominees for worsts.

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